Salaries for Digital, Media and E-commerce jobs in 2021

Professionals in the digital, media and e-commerce sectors have enjoyed a strong position on the job market for many years. The new market reality in 2021 resulted in even stronger pay pressure. How strong was this? Download “Salary Report Poland 2021” for free and discover the salaries of managers, experts, and specialists.

Salary report Poland 2021

How much will experts in the digital, media and e-commerce sectors earn in 2021?

Are the altered circumstances behind the growing demand? This seems to be the right correlation for the digital, media and e-commerce sectors. Along with new consumer habits and new shopping channels, 2020 has seen significant increase in demand for candidates skilled at data analytics, marketing personalisation and automation, online sales and digital activation (particularly in the consumer products and retail sector). In 2020, remuneration in these sectors grew by 10-15% and that trend is expected to continue in the years to come. Digital teams play an increasingly strategic role within the corporate structure of businesses and, as a result, experienced candidates are likely to be hired for directorial positions or even invited to join management structures.

Salaries for digital, media and e-commerce jobs

The 2021 salary review presents the current pay trends and salary structure in the digital, media and e-commerce sector in Poland. The values given are monthly gross salaries expressed in PLN. All data included in the salary review are derived from the analysis of actual wages offered to candidates during recruitment projects run by the Devire team. Salary levels have also been consulted with professionally active employees. Looking for salaries for jobs in another sector? Download “Salary Review. Poland 2021”

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