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Today organizations’ long-term well-being depends on their ability to optimize their costs. That’s why more and more companies see the vast potential in outsourcing many of their processes outside their organization. Outsourcing solutions significantly reduce costs, improve business processes, increases quality, and ensure business operation optimization. The only thing you need for success in outsourcing is a trustworthy partner. With Devire, you can always be sure that the whole process will run smoothly.

What is External employment?

External Employment is the flexible process of hiring employees and posting them to work for a client. Devire “hires” an employee or subcontractor, according to the client’s needs, to work on a given project or service for a particular time. Their services replace or supplement the work of specific perm employees or departments in the client’s company.

The growing importance of external employment results lies in the countless benefits of redirecting some part of operational processes to the external subsidiaries or subcontractors. External employment translates directly into cost optimization, a constant number of full-time jobs, and streamlining of administrative procedures. This solution also provides better access to resources and competencies not available internally. It’s also the perfect way to respond to constantly changing business needs.

What are the primary advantages of external employment in Poland?

External employment is the strategic business tool that allows companies to make everything related to their core competencies internally and outsource other tasks to reduce peripheral business expenses. The solution guarantees a high level of services without the need for continuous employees’ investment and training.

Redirecting some part of the processes outside the organization allows maintaining an effective and flexible staff policy management model. It guarantees quick sourcing of qualified employees without losing the continuity of placements. And last but not least, it allows optimizing staff costs significantly.

Devire – the best External employment partner for your business in Poland

With Devire, you will get a pool of highly-qualified professionals that enable excellent streamlining of your company’s functions while you find more time to focus on your core business operations.

In the External employment process, we take responsibility for all administrative and accounting obligations, such as recruitment processes, payroll administration, control of employee absenteeism level, and ongoing replenishment of necessary personnel. A client doesn’t have to bear the costs of administrative and accounting services, and significantly reduces the costs of recruitment, employment, and retention of an employee.

At Devire, we provide External employment solutions in Poland in three following models:

  • Employee secondment
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Temporary Work

Still hesitating which External employment model to choose? No worries – at Devire, we are always eager to help you select the solution which suits you best. We are looking forward to exploring the possibilities of cooperating with you.

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