Devire: Executive Search Company in Poland

Recruitment for the top managerial positions is an extremely comprehensive process that requires a fully individualized approach, exceptional industry knowledge, and high-quality solutions. At Devire, we guarantee tailor-made and boutique-quality of our Executive Search services in Poland, professionalism, and full confidentiality.

Devire – Butique approach to Executive Search in Poland


At Devire, we provide the highest quality of Executive Search services in Poland by gaining a deep understanding of clients’ and candidates’ specific needs. We genuinely believe that only in this way, we can precisely match the expectations of both parties, creating an effective and long-lasting connection.

Our consultants specializing in the Executive Search in Poland have many years of experience in direct search and recruitment at the highest levels in organizations, such as CEO and Functional Directors (so-called C-1 level), as well as executives and top managers. Our Executive Search consultants are experts in their industries and sectors. Devire’s headhunting solutions are based primarily on an in-depth understanding of the specific nature of the given market.

These are the industries for which we provide Executive Search solutions: Finance, Banking, Legal, Pharma, Real Estate, Manufacturing, IT, Sales and Marketing (FMCG, Retail, Digital), and SSC / BPO.

Executive Search in Poland with Devire – Flexible Approach to Leaders’ Sourcing

Using the direct search (headhunting) method, our clients receive a full in-depth market mapping with information about available candidates, which met the requirements of a given profile, and their willingness to change. With each candidate, we conduct an in-depth interview, based on which we create a comprehensive report. We also run additional tests and conduct effective candidates’ references check. Based on our Agile value, Devire’s Executive Search services are based on frequent feedback and reporting. In agreement with our clients, we can dynamically change and optimize the scope of our search, based on the feedback we get from the market. Such a flexible approach significantly increases the efficiency of our Executive Search activities, reducing their implementation time to the necessary minimum.

Why entrust Executive Search services to Devire?

At Devire, we cooperate with a limited number of companies to better understand the challenges they face, their organizational culture and ensure the highest quality of our services. That’s why we provide our Executive Search service in the form of a strictly confidential search. Such an approach enables us to select more accurate candidates, which directly translates into more effective recruitment of highly-qualified top-class leaders.

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