An interesting and well-prepared resume that won’t go unnoticed by the recruiter is crucial when you look for a job. It is also the best opportunity to make a good first impression. Devire’s experts confirm that a perfect CV can be your passport to a job interview. How to write an professional CV?

Read job offers and set your professional goal

When creating your professional CV, it’s good to start with going through the available job offers. Once you’ve decided on the industry, company, and position you wish to apply for, it’ll be easier to prepare your professional resume. Pay particular attention to the requirements and expectations of your potential employee. You should relate to all of them in your CV.

Use a good CV template

So you’ve found you dream job offer, and you’re probably wondering how to write your CV. Use a ready-made CV template, and then adjust it to the industry and nature of the company you are applying for. Your resume must be tailored to the specific job advertisement and the needs of that particular position.  A CV should be one A4 page long, legible and clear.

Describe your career and qualifications

The most important part of your professional CV are your competences and work experience. In your resume, describe and highlight your promotions, implemented projects, language skills and knowledge of IT or accounting software. That way you show your potential employee how their company could benefit from hiring you.

The recruitment process starts when the potential employee or HR specialist opens a CV. The graphic design, layout and content should catch the recruiter’s eye, standing out from the flood of applications they receive. The candidate’s competences make the heart of an ideal CV. So in addition to information on your experience or education, you should include interesting notes on your successes and responsibilities in the different positions. To support your achievements, it is worth adding numbers and percentages. The courses and trainings you’ve completed, the awards you’ve won, and additional skills are important, as they set you apart from other candidates for the job – said Przemysław Rozalski, Senior Recruitment Specialist at Devire.

This information may be in bold or underlined. It is also good to mention any additional projects you’re running, such as a blog. The objective is to give your best – present yourself as a professional and an expert, but also as an interesting person.

Take a professional photo

Recruiters appreciate a professional CV with a photo. However, remember that a photo is the first thing the recruiter will see when going through the applications. Therefore, it should make a good first impression. The image needs to be clear and fit in the entire document. The person in the photo should seem professional and reliable. If you can afford an extra investment in your image, you can participate in a professional business session. It is also a good idea to use the help of a friend with a good eye.

Demonstrate your references

Recommendations are the best form of advertising. If you have references from your previous employer, you can attach them to your CV or inform that you can share your recommendations in your resume.

Don’t forget about the GDPR

Remember to give consent to the use and processing of your personal data by the company you are applying for in your CV. It’s a necessary condition – the potential employer will not be able to consider your CV in the recruitment process without this consent. Note that with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, new clause templates apply.

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