Technology changes the way companies view recruitment. Video job interviews are increasingly popular among organisations. Online communication tools are mostly used when a candidate lives in a different city or country, or the company is looking for someone to work remotely. How to prepare for a video job interview? Read the tips from Devire and get your dream job!

Prepare the equipment

Prior to a video call with your potential employer, take care of all technical issues. Install Skype on your computer a few days ahead of the virtual meeting. Make a professional user profile – people should be searching for you by name or surname. Make a few test calls with your friends. It’s important to verify your Internet connection and check whether the camera and microphone are operational. You can use small earphones during the call – they’ll get rid of echo. On the day of the call, make sure to once again check the equipment and charge your computer or plug it in!

Choose the right spot

During the video interview, the recruiter will not only see you, but also all that is behind you. Your back should be to a blank wall in a muted colour or an organised bookcase with professional literature. Clean up all your personal belongings, close the windows and put your cellphone on mute. You can have your CV, notes on key discussion points, sheets of paper for note-taking, a pen and a glass of water on your desk. Make sure your face is visible and well-lit. If you live with another person or a house pet, make sure no one disturbs you during the call.

Adhere to the dress code

A job interview – regardless of whether it takes place on-line or on-site in the potential employer’s office – requires appropriate clothing. Dress code depends on the industry and the company you’re applying to. For instance, if you’re looking for a job in a bank or an insurance agency, you should dress elegantly – put on a suit, dress pants or skirt and a dress shirt. In the case of a media agency, software company or a start-up, you can afford to pick something more casual. The clothes should be neat and tidy. Don’t go over the top with colour or jewellery. Although the interviewer will see you only from the waist up, make sure you’re fully clothed! By doing so, you’ll avoid any surprises, if you need to get up to reach for something.

Don’t forget about body language

Make sure your hands are resting casually on you knees or desk in an open manner, and keep your back straight. There’ll be no chance for an introductory handshake, so it’s your face that has to do all the talking. A gentle smile, confident look and a calm, composed and decisive voice can make a good impression on the recruiter from the very beginning. During a video job interview, active listening is the key. Voice your thoughts and nod – let the other person know you’re engaged in the conversation. Don’t make any sudden gestures. It’s vital to maintain eye contact. Remember to look at the camera and not the person’s image on the screen. Looking away from the computer and casting your eyes about might make the recruiter or future employer think you’re untrustworthy or indifferent.

Remember that your professional image and preparations made for the conversation are key factors here. During the call, focus on your strengths, successes and achievements. All this will increase your chances of getting your dream job! Check our latest offers!