In our latest study, we checked the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on Polish enterprises. CEOs have no illusions – coronavirus will negatively affect their business. This is admitted by 69% of respondents in the latest Devire survey. How do employers deal with the current situation? What losses will the business incur? Learn more about the impact of the COVID-19 on Polish Businesses.

What we analyse in our report:

• How many companies in percentage terms have opted for home office arrangements?
• What barriers prevent companies from introducing remote work?
• Are business managers concerned about the detrimental impact of the coronavirus?
• How will the coronavirus situation affect Polish companies in the long term?


The impact of the COVID-19 on Polish Businesses

We are all facing the ever-evolving coronavirus situation and the resulting social distancing which affect many areas of our lives, including work. The transport, tourism and event industries have already been hit. International transport took the first blow, followed by domestic transport. The event and culture business has come to a standstill – all concerts, sports events, theatre plays, fairs or conferences have been cancelled. The commerce and food sectors have also suffered a lot, mostly due to the closure of shopping centres.

In industries where this is possible, employers are introducing remote work and migrating their processes to dedicated online platforms. People  responsible for organisation management are predicting the potential consequences of the coronavirus for their business. Our survey shows that business representatives are most concerned about lower demand for products or services, as 48% of decision-makers say. They also mention layoffs (45%) and liquidity problems (44%).

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