Have you submitted a CV and been invited to an interview? Congratulations! You’re about to take the next step towards your goal – a new job. When preparing for a meeting with a potential employer, you need to be aware that the way you present yourself during the recruitment process may have an impact of even 90% on the decision of the HR specialist or your future boss. Here are our 5 job interview tips that will help you ace your next meeting!


1. Get to know the company and its employees

First of all, you should follow the information on the organisation – its history, size, development opportunities or business goals – and the current situation in the industry. Secondly, get to know the recruiters you’ll be talking to during the interview. It’s good to know what they do in the company where you are applying for a job. To get this information, you can visit the LinkedIn and Facebook profiles of the company and its employees. You may find that you have common friends, the same interests or that you’ve graduated from the same school – and according to the principles of social psychology, we are more inclined to like people who are similar to us.

2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Identify which of your competencies meet the requirements of your potential employer and make
a good reflection on the past – ask yourself what you did in previous companies that you worked for, what projects you carried out and what challenges you had to face. Cast your mind back
to your greatest successes but be ready to answer questions about your past mistakes. How to answer questions about failures? Remember not to focus on negatives, but on strengths – tell the interviewer what you learned, how your career has developed and how you cope in crisis situations.

3. Anticipate the unpredictable

On the Internet, you can find many lists of the most popular questions asked during job interviews. Make use of them to prepare your own list and add interesting answers. Think also about how much you’d like to earn – this is a question that comes up in most job interviews. Also prepare a list of questions that you would like the potential employer to answer. Why? By asking thoughtful questions during the interview, you’ll learn more about the company, the team and the tasks you may face in the future. This will also demonstrate your maturity and commitment!

4. Be on time!

Job interviews are very stressful, so do everything possible on the day of the interview to avoid time pressure and rush. Check the company location beforehand and see how long it will take you to get there. Don’t forget to take into account possible traffic jams and roadworks. It’s best to arrive at an interview about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

5. Take care of your appearance

Wondering how to dress for a job interview? How you dress depends on the position
that you’re applying for and the company’s culture. For example, formal business attire is required in corporations, law firms, banks or real estate agencies. In creative and advertising agencies or clothing shops, you can afford more freedom in the choice of outfit. Regardless of the nature of your potential job and of the meeting, it is always reasonable to go for simplicity and elegance.

According to many psychologists, forming a first impression of a new person takes just a dozen seconds or so! It is worth having control over the way recruiters perceive us from the very beginning and remembering that a job interview starts from the moment you cross the doorstep of a potential employer.

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