Salaries for Retail jobs in 2021

2020 was hugely testing for the retail sector which was held back by the closure of stores and shopping malls. However, even this sector’s performance has been far from uniform: brands that had decided to invest in e-commerce prior to 2020 benefitted. As many as 96% of employees in that sector said they had been approached to be invited to a recruitment process last year. Learn about the losers and winners in the retail sector - download our “Salary Report Poland 2021” and check the salary level for different positions.

Salary report Poland 2021

How much will experts in the retail sector earn in 2021?

In 2020, companies with a traditional business model, or that offer products whose sale is driven mainly by customer experience faced the most severe losses. In 2021, the most pressing issue for retail is to attract customers to boost sales via online channels. This naturally drives demand for experts in the creation, development, and maintenance of such tools. We can see growing demand for specialists and experts in sales and marketing communications, i.e. sales analysts, business analysts, omnichannel managers, e-commerce managers, CRM managers, marketing directors and managers. Who else can count on a stable position? For certain, candidates who specialise in consultancy.

Salaries for retail jobs

The 2021 salary review presents the current pay trends and salary structure in the retail sector in Poland. The values given are monthly gross salaries expressed in PLN. All data are derived from the analysis of actual wages offered to candidates during recruitment projects run by the Devire team. Salary levels have also been consulted with professionally-active employees. Looking for salaries for jobs in another sector? Download “Salary Report Poland 2021”.

The “Salary Report Poland 2021” covering all the industries is available here

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