We are entering a new era where property is perceived as an intelligent connector of business processes and the integrator of a society in which we should all be able to function with a certain ease, comfort and safety. How will this transformation affect the labor market in the field of property and construction? Which professionals are most in demand in the labor market?

In these times of home office, it is difficult to implement the classic office model, understood as a physical workplace. Today, employers are having to encourage their employees to use office space by proposing innovative solutions and offering various amenities. Property & Asset Managers on the side of property owners and Office & HR Managers on the side of tenant companies are implementing workplace and well-being strategies. High demand for experienced property managers will also continue to be seen for the whole of 2022.

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The most desirable positions

Due to the buoyancy of the residential construction sector, Project Managers are highly sought after; and managers with experience in preparing investments are also in high demand. A large number of developers monitor land for multi-residential or terraced housing projects. However, obtaining a building permit requires a detailed technical analysis, any number of approvals and administrative permits, and engagement with the local authorities. A Project Manager will carry out all these planning and administrative tasks, bringing a lot of technical knowledge to bear on the undertaking. 

In 2022, experts in the position of Project Manager for Investment Preparation will continue to enjoy great interest on the part of employers. It should be remembered that for clients, planning expertise is also important. Therefore, a good Project Manager can be not only a person who has completed studies in the field of construction, but could also be a candidate with an architectural background.

The retail real estate sector is facing many challenges, such as retaining tenants and attracting new buyers within the stationary model. Convenience and mixed-use formats are gaining traction at the expense of large shopping centres. We forecast that in 2022, project positions in terms of sanitary and electrical installations will see an increase in attractiveness. New commercial projects and commercial facilities requiring reconstruction, extension, and redesign will require qualified engineering staff, with experience in design. General contractors will also be to the fore in this regard. Demand in this area will apply to the whole of Poland.

In 2022, the positions of Project Managers and Cost Managers from the Fit-out sector should also be highly sought after. We are talking not only about the running and cost estimating of office space, commercial and HoReCa spaces, but also about the overseeing of building volume. Candidates with experience in this sphere are sure to be in demand; and this will extend to those candidates with experience in on-site work and project design. A candidate combining the cost estimate function with the Project Manager function can count on great interest.

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Salaries for property and construction jobs in 2022

The year 2022 will not see salaries dropping in the construction and property sectors. In fact, considering planned projects, salaries should stabilise and then increase. Employers who want to retain good employees will always consider salary increases. Higher salaries will also be influenced by soaring inflation, which, according to economists, will remain high throughout 2022.

In the field of housing and apartment products, developers are creating new solutions that will address current and future needs. They are designing additional spaces to work from home and provide multiple services in one place. As a result, the PRS area and specialists in market research and product demand for skilled Land Acquisition Managers. In this case, we are noting an increase in salaries by as much as 15%. 

Growing salary pressures are also occurring in the warehouse real estate sector, where we have observed the highest growth dynamics, among others due to the accelerated e-commerce. We estimate that this trend will also continue throughout 2022. Managers in the areas of ​​Leasing, Business Development and Asset Management can count on achieving the highest earnings.

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