The demand for experts from the IT industry is growing, and the dearth of candidates is an issue that many companies are having to contend with, which means that they are having to consider numerous options such as IT outsourcing or body leasing. How to attract top talents?

Although the employment contract is still the most popular form of contract, IT Specialists are becoming more and more comfortable with flexible forms of employment. The Devire report “The IT industry in the new reality” indicates that the number of employees interested in B2B is growing – as many as 47% of IT specialists would opt for a B2B contract as compared to 41% favouring a permanent contract. Consequently, companies that want to acquire the best talents from the IT market should offer flexible contractual options.

IT outsourcing or body leasing

Employees themselves expect be able to choose their own form of contract, which is why it is so important to have a variety of employment models. Creating a competitive job offer for IT experts and the dynamics of the recruitment itself are key aspects when it comes to finding the right candidate. Considering that the IT industry is moving towards even greater flexibility, focusing on parallel employment or sourcing IT Contractors may prove to be a solution for the future.

Entrusting projects to contractors, or expanding teams with new talents employed for the duration of the project, is an ideal solution for companies who want to gain access to a pool of candidates preferring employment based on a B2B contract. IT outsourcing or body leasing will immediately supplement the team or project with the competences necessary for any given phase. Additionally, in the era of market uncertainty, employing contractors gives the employer greater flexibility.

The remote labour market

IT outsourcing – how to attract top talents? -

What else will encourage IT Specialists to change jobs? Flexibility. Before the pandemic, remote work was perceived as a benefit by employees from the IT industry. According to the Devire report “The IT industry in the new reality”, for over 55% of respondents, the possibility of remote work is one of the main motivators when it comes to changing jobs. Interestingly, this kind of flexibility is much more important for contractors than for full-time employees. However, it is worth emphasizing that for many, even before the pandemic, remote work was the norm. So how as a potential employer can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Among organizations that have introduced a hybrid or remote working model, employers may propose a package of other benefits that will affect the employee’s or contractor’s motivation to work. Benefits such as holiday offices in attractive locations, wellness and mental health programs; or vouchers for home delivery lunches may well get the attention of potential contractors.

Higher remuneration, more candidates

Establishing a competitive pay scale is certainly a key element in the race for talent. As many as 64% of respondents indicate higher remuneration as being the main aspect that motivates them when it comes to changing workplaces. Interestingly, people employed under an employment contract pay more attention to remuneration than contractors. It is a good practice to design a salary grid based on an analysis of the needs and expectations of IT Experts. Only this approach will allow for a more effective integration of the interests of both parties and attract new talents. How much do specialists and experts in the IT industry earn? 

Personal development

The shift towards competency development is another strong factor that influences a candidate’s decision to change jobs. In this case, as many as 54% of IT experts pay attention to professional development opportunities as well as the kinds of projects they’ll be working on and the technologies they’ll be working with. IT Specialists expect to be able to develop in areas that interest them or to work on various projects. Another way of attracting and retaining employees is to engage them in workplace training by providing additional online learning benefits.

The culture of the organization

Employees and contractors not only want to have a sense of belonging to the organization for which they provide services, but also want to identify with its values. For many, the introduction of modern management methods and concepts may nudge contractors in your favour.

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