The global demand for IT specialists and the deepening competency divide is making the search for employees a great challenge for many companies in the IT sector. This applies to both domestic and global enterprises. As a result, companies have to adapt their job offers to the requirements of those specialists for whom there is the greatest demand. And so, what do software developers require from a potential employer; and what work package will ultimately attract them?

Software developers – a profile

A software developer is an expert who designs and develops software, creates new functions, performs tests, and prepares technical documentation. Many companies require candidates to have experience in all of these areas together with an education in software development. Hard competences include a very good knowledge of major programming languages ​​such as ASP.NET, C ++, Java, JavaScript and Python. Whereas soft skills are needed for optimal cooperation within a team.

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How to encourage an IT specialist to change jobs?

IT specialists from all over Poland, tempted by very good development opportunities, more and more often receive job offers from companies that do not have a representative office in Poland. In addition to higher earnings and remote work, additional factors that encourage candidates to plum for a new challenge are the scale of the project and access to technologies that are not so readily found in Poland. And so it is important that Polish employers focus on the needs of employees and develop solutions aimed at attracting top candidates to their organisations.

From the Devire report “IT Sector 2021/22. The globalisation of the labour market is driving the race for IT talents” we can see that as many as 42% of respondents plan to change jobs over the course of the next six months. This is fantastic news for prospective employers, as long as they plan to take a closer look at the expectations of the software developers. What expectations are we talking about?

Higher remuneration

As in the case of last year’s survey, salaries are up on the previous year. For IT specialists, financial packages are the dominant issue that encourages them to change jobs. In the last quarter, the best software developers received a dozen job offers per week on average, and almost half of them were offers from companies that do not have offices in Poland. Currently, foreign organisations are able to guarantee higher salaries, and their transparency in terms of remuneration only adds to their appeal. While finances are the best motivator, candidates do also take other factors into account.

According to the Devire report “IT Sector 2021/22”, IT specialists prefer remote work and do not want to return to the office. As many as 54% of respondents want to work fully remotely, and another 25% prefer the hybrid model. What do software developers expect? As many as 57% of specialists in this area require employers to work from the comfort of their homes. Enabling them to perform their duties outside the office certainly has a positive effect on any decision involving a change of employment.

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The demand for software developers is growing, and the earnings of IT specialists in this field are at a very satisfactory level. In a B2B contract, the average median of the spread - depending on the level of experience of the specialist - ranges from PLN 7,000 to PLN 25,000. We are also seeing the expectations of experienced software engineers at a level of 170 - 200 PLN / h net. Professionals employed under an employment contract are declaring earnings ranging from PLN 6,000 to PLN 22,000 gross. The best industry experts, fluent in several programming languages and familiar with cloud solutions, can expect even higher rates, especially from global employers from Western Europe or the United States. Earnings offered by foreign partners, even on Polish job portals, and are given in dollars or euros, explains Iwona Soroko-Pasiroska, Senior Account Manager at Devire.

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Software developer - professional development and loyalty

Another factor that will encourage experts to consider a job offer is development opportunities. As many as 44% of developers state that the prospects for development and training influence their loyalty to their employers; or conversely, prompt them to accept a different proposal. Moreover, participation in an innovative project or work on new technologies may cause the candidate to lower their financial expectations in order to develop skills or gain global experience.

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When talking to candidates, it is often said that the reason for leaving a given organisation or project is the lack of development opportunities. Indeed, this is a fairly common problem, and therefore employers should seek effective solutions in this area from as early on as possible. In interviews with candidates, we also often hear that IT specialists have specific assumptions about what projects they would like to implement and be a part of. Some software developers are looking to focus on global solutions and want to work in international teams. There is also a group of people who exclude projects related to certain industries, even if they have so far created solutions in this area, so adds Iwona Soroko-Pasiroska.

Software developers - the preferred form of contract

Working on a B2B contract is becoming more and more popular on the IT job market. IT specialists are choosing this contract model mainly due to the flexibility it offers, and the prospect of achieving higher earnings. Software developers are no exception. As many as 42% of respondents stated that they were providing their services on the basis of a B2B contract.

Recently, there has been much talk about modern methods of recruitment and the retention of employees from the IT sector. Software developers are some of the most sought-after experts on the job market, and only a well-thought-out recruitment strategy will increase a company’s competitiveness. A professional approach to a candidate’s needs will encourage them to be involved in the recruitment process from the outset, presenting new prospects and horizons for all concerned.

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