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Polish IT industry has not remained indifferent to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it has coped relatively well with the new challenges.
We asked Polish IT experts about their professional situation and collected inspiring conclusions in a free publication. See for yourself:

  • Is the IT industry in Poland facing irreversible changes?
  • How has the professional situation of IT experts changed?
  • How did the employers react to the new circumstances?
One in three respondents admits that the pandemic has had an impact on work pressure.
24% of experts would like to earn more.
94% of those surveyed would like to be in a driving seat and have an influence on their choice of a job.
42% of experts admit that the pandemic has stopped pay rises and promotions.

From the report ‘The IT industry facing new normal. Who is to gain and who is to lose?”, you will find out what arguments speak best to candidates and how to prompt them to change jobs. It will give you insight into the situation together with diagnosis of the market and the views of experts. The report is based on a survey conducted using the CAWI method among 426 respondents from the IT industry in Poland.