In 2020, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing team at Devire was asked to assist in the launching of a 200-person competency centre in Warsaw, Poland. This case study looks at our approach to this challenge, and the outcomes of our partnership with our client.

The challenge posed by our client was considerable: building a centre with around 200 employees in the areas of finance, logistics, purchasing, IT, audit and taxes within 18 months. We suggested a solution known by the name of Full RPO, in which the Devire team took complete responsibility for the project from start to finish.

One of the first tasks that the Devire Recruitment Process Outsourcing team took on was to build and implement a recruitment strategy and set the standards for working with candidates (candidate experience). Almost at the same time, the team were working on an employer branding strategy and campaign, which supported not only the creation of employer brand awareness, but above all, the sourcing process., a team from our employer branding agency, was in charge of the EB.


The Devire team worked directly in the client’s offices and applied a wide array of sourcing tools, which enabled them to expedite their searching for candidates and keep with the agreed timetable. As part of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, we supported the client in the transition to a new ATS system, ensuring the safe transfer of all necessary data, adapting previously developed processes and familiarising users.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing with Devire yields results

Throughout the project, our client decided to speed things up by reducing the original 18-month time frame to only 12 months. Despite the change, the Devire team successfully recruited for all posts as originally planned, filling almost 200 specialist and management roles in over a dozen areas.

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