Devire, a CEE-based outsourcing & recruitment company opens a new office in Cracow. This is the company’s eleventh office in Europe. The choice of location is not accidental as outsourcing is among the most important drivers of the Lesser Poland labour market.

Cracow is the only Polish city to be ranked in the top ten of the world’s best locations for investment in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Service Centre (SSC) sectors in Tholons’ rankings. Initially, IT, accounting and HR services were developed here, but nowadays, complex processes are increasingly emerging, such as the migration of infrastructure to the cloud, the optimization of IT and accounting system efficiency, deep data analysis or knowledge management. This translates into a rapidly growing labour market and a steady demand for top-class specialists.

Despite the rather difficult market situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Devire is not giving up on development. We have cooperated with, and supported, clients in  Cracow for years, so the European capital of outsourcing was our next natural business development target.

Michał Młynarczyk, CEO of Devire and Member of the Management Board of the Polish HR Forum

The new office will be managed by Konrad Hrabia – Executive Manager who will be responsible for Devire’s development in southern Poland. His previous experience in building brands’ local offices from scratch and managing the Polish branch of an international company has allowed him to draw up a comprehensive development strategy for Devire in the south. The project will be supported by Joanna Zajchowska – Business Development & Recruitment Manager who has managed recruitment teams at Devire for several years and knows the company’s structures inside out. As our expert points out:

 By opening a new office in Kraków, we are entering the market for real. Our goal is to strengthen Devire’s position as the business partner of choice for both clients and candidates.

Joanna Zajchowska, Business Development & Recruitment Manager at Devire

We are glad that Joanna Zajchowska, one of our most experienced managers, has decided to relocate to Kraków and support Konrad in the development of our local office.

Michał Młynarczyk, CEO of Devire and Member of the Management Board of the Polish HR Forum

Cracow – a magnet for IT companies and specialists in Europe

Devie opens new office in CracowIn the last years Cracow has become a magnet for new IT companies. Not just companies migrate here, but increasingly also IT specialists who are attracted by interesting international projects and competitive salaries. Almost a quarter of all those employed in the sector in the Polish market work at local BSS centres and the employment growth rate remains the highest in Poland. According to 2020 ABSL data, Cracow has the highest average headcount (346 employees) among the eleven largest business services centres (each employing more than 5,000 people).

Moreover, with its availability of well-educated staff, business facilities and advanced technologies and services, the city has a great potential for development and growth. As an academic hub, it also boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure for personnel training, especially for the ITC industry. Moreover, many local students major in engineering and technical subjects, logistics and languages.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to lead the IT body leasing leader’s further expansion in southern Poland. Having trained staff and being closer to our clients, we will be able to help companies to deliver key competencies efficiently and while maintaining high quality standards.

Konrad Hrabia, Executive Manager at Devire

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